April 19, 2014

KK time for bed… but before I lay down I had to share my half finished song with you. It’s called Missing - and any of my music buddies can ask to be a featured artist if they want! Just in-box me :) http://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/new-song-in-the-works-called - This work in progress is free to DL now!

April 16, 2014

Today would have been my dad’s 56th birthday - happy bday dad —- here’s an episode of my short-lived reality show #MyGayLife. The entire episode “I Think Your Dads Dead” was about him - so considering today’s his birthday it seemed fitting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt0mZOkXEhY&feature=youtu.be Come to think about it, this reality show was produced last year, and this episode was uploaded on Dad’s birthday last year

April 15, 2014

Yay, here’s my highly anticipated (I wish) recap of the latest Bates MotelĀ  episode entitled #PresumedInnocent Yay!! #GuestsoftheBatesMotel #LoL #Comedy #BatesMotel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DND1toxGJaE

April 12, 2014

Morning Yall. It’s file-naming and writing for episodes of #Lawstin today. What are you up to today?! I hope you guys have a great day nonetheless! BTW, I awoke today to a comment on this old-ass re-uploaded newscast video today that said “Your gay!!!” - Just a teenytiny reminder that we are in an ever existent homophobic society. I however don’t really pay these sort of children no mind - and hope you don’t either! :) http://youtu.be/PO-3kVEi_0A

April 11, 2014

Working on Sci-Fi #LawstinWoods & Free Music!

Renaming LawstinWoods raw video files still. Boy is this a lot of work ha! But I love it so much that I’d do it 20 times over! Anyway, as usual while i diligently work on #Lawstin stuff I’m listening to a song on repeat. And today’s song is my yet to be finished track “This Love I Have” which can be downloaded for free because it has yet to be finished :) http://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/this-love-i-have-a-work-in

April 10, 2014

Plans for the Day

Having my coffee, renaming LawstinWoods raw-video stems thus rendering all video-project files useless - but due to rewrites and the new direction of the show, the old way will no longer work if I want to stay organized. In a little while I’ll go out and do more filming today, and then later on this evening I’ll do a lil more writing and watching footage :) Hope everyone has a SEXellent day! :) <3

April 9, 2014

Frickin Finally!! !!SPOILER ALERT!! Here’s my #hilarious recap of Monday’s episode of #BatesMotel entitled #Plunge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItdXXjJFtk batesmotel

April 8, 2014
Q &amp;A &lt;3

Q &A <3

April 7, 2014
Bradley from #Lawstin is a hottie!

Bradley from #Lawstin is a hottie!



April 2, 2014

#LawstinWoods (Sci-fi Web-Series) Slated to Return April!

My passion for video making (case ya haven’t noticed my recent YouTube video uploading spree) has rekindled my #Lawstin spirit. For those who don’t know, I was in a science fiction web series called LawstinWoods that was canceled prematurely. 5 episodes ‘aired’ (were uploaded) Between December 30, 2013 through February 19, 2014, but because of the lack of attention, the show ended. And it ended before even a fraction of what was shot, was aired.

Anyway, through a creative rewrite #Lawstin will return later this month (Exact date unknown). I’m not promising a continuing series, but what I am guaranteeing is that all that work we did on the series will not never see the light of day. So instead of a series that goes on for seasons and seasons, consider it a mini-series.

The exact details, such as dates of release, episode lengths, etc. aren’t worked out yet, but it’s going to inevitably happen regardless of the fine print.

2 years ago no one appeared to have an interest in watching, and therefore was discouraging to continue pouring in countless hours into videos that flat out weren’t being seen, but the bottom line is that I have a passion for video making, before the internet even existed I’d make home-video movies, and they never got viewed! So hello, why should a lack of viewership matter now?? It shouldn’t! And therefore I’m “bringing sexy back” whether anyone wants to watch it or not. One thing I do know is that anything will catch on if it’s given the effort and manpower it deserves in order to create an epic show like #LawstinWoods is! So here’s a playlist of the 5 episodes that have been released… And sometime soon I’ll be sharing the rest of the episodes with you, whether you wanna see them or not! haha #LongLiveLawstinWoods

#LW stars Julian Lowenthal, Jeanne Rice, Kyle Millard, Mike Kane, Jamie Morgan, Bradley Voorhees, with appearances from Ken Holmes, Paul Bright, Bridget Mabry, and Nessa Bunny