October 22, 2014

Here it is.,. my 53rd album, entitled “Coming Out.,. As Old”
It’s an 18-track masterpiece with collabors such as Kromz Homes, Joshua P. Kennedy, and Rose & Nick Stahl.

$10 gets you all 18 tracks, plus a digital album booklet equipped with credits, tracklist, and lyrics.


Also, guess what, I actually have the standard “About the Album” vlog that I do for every album, done already!


October 21, 2014

Remember my collabs with Adam Mace called Single and Single part 2, and Halloween and Halloween part 2? Well here’s part 3 of them both all rolled into one song and rolled out just on time for the holiday Scaryween. Songs free to download (I think) for ya! Happy Halloween https://soundcloud.com/adammace/adam-mace-ft-bradley-voorhees

October 20, 2014

This song is many things…
1. A last minute add-on to the new album that drops in 2 days.
2. My 6th contribution to the Give ‘em Hope Campaign.
3. My 2nd contribution to the campaign on this very album.
4. Free to download from now till forever.
5. About someone on my FaceBook friendslist. (Exaggerated of course.)

This song is about finding inspiration to better yourself not just so that you can be better fit, but so you can feel better! Maybe the inspiration comes after a bad breakup, or perhaps it’s just influenced by what you bear witness to. So don’t give up… If you try hard enough you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish! :) https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/inspiration-give-em-hope-6

October 19, 2014

All new song that I have been waiting oh so long to share with y’allz! Song done with Joshua Kennedy er ah Joshua P Kennedy and is a fun lil song… It’s got that old-school vibe, that’s for sure! https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/love-me-anymore

October 17, 2014

Online Video Dead?!?!

Is it just me or is online video making (youtube, daily motion, vloggers, sketch, comedy, drama, scary, romance, etc.) dead? Because I think the only reason people use youtube anymore is for things like Gaming videos, howto videos, and possibly music videos… But I don’t see many creative people online anymore. Thoughts?

October 17, 2014

Who’d have thought that what had started as a show wherein I comedic-ly made fun of “The Glee Project” contestants would have become something so beautiful? Thank You to Rose & Nick! This song is FREE to DOWNLOAD for a limited time y’all! It’s called “Oh My Gleed” and is pretty amazing and cute! <3<3<3 https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/oh-my-gleed-featuring-rose-nick-stahl

October 16, 2014

And here it is, my nearly nude… er, I mean new song… Yeah that’s it. Sounded a bit country to me, so cowboy hat it was!

Wacha think? Wacha like better, the song, or the art? LMAO! https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/it-wasnt-love

October 15, 2014

Well, tho none of you prolly know this, but this song took a long-ass time to get finished! I’ve been sitting on this song for like a year. It’s called The Brink and features Kromz Homes, an indie actor who does other stuff (like this project) in his free time. https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/the-brink-featuring-kromz-homes

October 15, 2014
New album drops in 1 week! Wacha think of the title, of the design? One of the tracks on the album features one of my faves&#8230; Joshua P KennedyAKA @joshuapkennedy

New album drops in 1 week! Wacha think of the title, of the design? One of the tracks on the album features one of my faves… Joshua P KennedyAKA @joshuapkennedy

October 13, 2014

My fifth contribution to the Give ‘em Hope movement! Pleased to present this track, which like my four previous ones, is free to download for the cause! It’s called “Gave Joshie Hope” https://soundcloud.com/bradleyvoorhees/gave-joshie-hope-give-em-hope-part-5