September 13, 2014   1 note

joshuapkennedy inspired… Using metaphors instead of flat-out saying what it is I want to say (sort of). I used to write lyrically this way ALL THE TIME… But don’t do it too much anymore. So although this isn’t as “read between the lines” as I used to write, it is at least a step in that direction. So JPK thank you for the inspiration… The first song from the new record (So far) that wont have a retro-vibe.

September 9, 2014

Thanks to Kat L. Hart, Joshua Kennedy, and Adam Mace for helping me decide what to call the song… Had to settle on a happy middle lol.. But the song is complete nonetheless… Hope it’s well received - I surely do love it myself!

September 2, 2014 Exactly four years ago today dad passed away. RIP dad. I’ll catch ya on another string!

September 1, 2014

Besides Conor Liam Bolton, Paul Bright, Mike Kane, Julian Lowenthal, Bridget Mabry, Kyle Macy, Kyle Millard, Jamie Morgan, Jeanne Rice, Bradley Voorhees, and Ken Holmes, who else is stoked to see the return of #LawstinWoods this fall? Get #Lost!

August 31, 2014

I know that I JUST put out my album “Quantum Mechanics” on the 22nd, but here’s an all new song which is an epic and precise example of what my new album will sound like! <3 <3 Do ya dig the oldies genre? I hope so! haha

August 30, 2014   1 note

Not sure why, but baldies turn me on. So do I think I’m horn-making material? Yes! This love I have… joshuapkennedy wasn’t inspired to do this song with me…. BUT nothin but love to ya JPK! ;-) lol

August 30, 2014

crazy but heres the “about the album” video… for Letters From Prison. haha! Sad im just now uploading it, but its here ntl.

August 30, 2014   1 note

And finally the “Quantum Mechanics” album-bundle is complete with a digital copy of the album booklet!

August 30, 2014

"I am an outer-space junkie, deal with it!" Said the crazy hippie. Apparently.

August 29, 2014

oh free download of this cover btw #AlanisMorissette #RightThroughYou #Cover